Service process

Service process

1. Product definition

We can take users as the core, focus on the development of enterprises and industry trends, reshape product strategies and product definitions that are suitable for enterprise strategies and more competitive in the industry, so as to realize the commercial value of products

Market positioning analysis style intention map definition

Experience concept definition user analysis

2. Product development

Our product innovation has strong realizability, the guarantee of function R & D can maximize the realization of product definition, and our innovation R & D has perfect R & D process

Hardware selection list product feasibility analysis report

Innovative structural design testing and certification report

3. Product design

Our innovative product design can systematically interpret the product positioning, transfer the real value of the product with the most suitable appearance, and ensure the realization of mass production

Product concept brainstorming

Sketch design of product semantic communication

4. Production realization

Our supply chain team provides the most professional and effective support for the high quality and high value presentation of products.

Industry test report production industry sorting

Verification of whole machine testing standard mould


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