Innovation comes from the understanding of science and technology, miracle comes from the control of technology. Relying on the technical advantages of international standard and strong production strength of passive components, evolvables takes the lead in realizing the R & D and large-scale application of key components of planar optical waveguide splitter and fiber hopping products in China.

Strong vertical integration ability for key raw materials of products

one Aiwofu has the ability to produce 6 million ceramic inserts per month. The company has strong equipment research and development, innovation ability and manufacturing ability. More than 80% of the manufacturing equipment of aiwofu ceramic inserts is independent research and development. The company has a set of production process with high efficiency, low cost and stable quality. After more than 2 years of innovation and development, aiwofu's ceramic insert manufacturing ability has reached the industry leader First!

2. Aiwo Fu can provide all kinds of plastic boxes, boxes, optical fiber jumpers, optical fiber adapters and optical splitter products, and provide overall solutions. The company has the ability to independently develop and design molds, and can also design and develop new products according to customer needs! Aiwo has sufficient equipment support, and can provide special products higher than the industry standard! The fat case and outdoor joint box made by Evo are sold all over the world to meet the needs of different climate and environment conditions!

In the second half of 2016, aiwo Fu set up a project to produce optical fiber and cable products, mainly making high-quality butterfly optical cable according to the needs of foreign customers. Aiwo Fu will also customize high standard indoor soft optical cable for foreign customers. Based on high-end and looking around the world, aiwo Fu's optical cable project has won the recognition of domestic and foreign customers!

4. Evolvable can make high standard optical fiber jumper products according to IEC standard and gr326 standard. The company has several core adjusters, JDSU end face detector, 3D tester and other equipment to ensure that the connector products maintain a high leading edge, and the products are exported to European and American markets.


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